Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru 2005, 750ml


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"The Dujac 2005 Chambertin combines fruit from the vineyard of that name with a majority of fruit from the Clos de Beze. Scents of rose petals, black tea, black raspberry, black pepper, and cassis stream from the glass. A wonderfully soothing, glycerin-rich, silken-textured pool of sweetly ripe and rose-scented fruit fills the mouth, while dark shadings of singed meat and wet stone well up from seemingly inexhaustible depths of extract. For all of its palpable density and sheer intensity, this is clear, refined, and displays elegant poise in its long, evocative finish. More than ample tannin is no doubt present for long keeping, but it is so fine-grained – and the gustatory show going on around it so dazzling – as to pass almost unnoticed. " WA 96